Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PlayStation Phone Released 2011

Competition based ponsen oprasi Android system will be faster. Electronics manufacturer Sony released the PlayStation phone rumored to be ready early next year. Posel that use the Android version 3.0 which is the latest series is predicted to shake the mobile phone market.

As outlined Daily Tech, there are several images taken from the PlayStation Phone a leading gadget site, Engadget. Mentioned, leaked pictures of the one hundred percent original. The site reviews the handheld the first time in August.

Surprisingly, rather than using the operating system (OS) of their own, Sony would choose the OS that is on the rise, Android.

Image displayed, the phone screen size between 3.7 inch and 4.1 inches. The phone is powered 1GHz akam Qualcomm MSM8655. In addition, the phone has 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM and a microSD slot.