Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FB BB Exit Beta Version

APPLICATION latest version for handhled BlackBeery (BB) is always so sought after by users including beta or trial version of any interest. Recently, a facebook application (FB) for blackberry come out which is the version 1.9 beta. Some users are trying out a blackberry too and give a review about the beta version.
Owner mailing list XLent Blackberry, Heru Subiyantoro, said the application fb beta version can be downloaded at Blackberry Beta zone. "But not everyone receives a notification for DOWNLOAD, so that only users who frequently send FEEDBACK on the development of applications that have been tried," he said yesterday
Therefore, to get the beta version of the application must be registered as a member Blackberry Beta Zone. When you get a notification for melakukamn DOWNLOAD, users perform the installation without removing the old version of his application FB
According to Heru, the beta version has many advantages over older versions. Described, the advantages compared to the new version can REFRESH faster. Plus it Sahat RH, Owner mailing list BB-Corners, REFRESH by using the 2G network can be a maximum. but unfortunately, this feature was impressed ribet MESSAGE. For example, notification of new messages appear repeatedly even though the message has been read