Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blood Type O, Harder Pregnant?

LONDON - blood type is thought to take effect on pregnancy. The scientists reported, for the first time found evidence that blood type affects a person's chances of conceiving.

From this study revealed that women with blood type O is more difficult to get pregnant because the fewer the number of eggs and egg quality is lower.

These findings are based on a study of more than 500 women who underwent fertility treatment in the United States (U.S.). While women with blood group A tended to have more number of eggs.

"We found that women with blood type A and AB are protected from the symptoms of declining reserves of the egg," said Edward Nejat, one of the researchers, Monday (25/10).

However, Nejat said the finding is only one aspect of female fertility and still needs further research. "Age is still the one most important factor for success or failure of pregnancy," he said.

Responding to this finding Tony Rutherford British scientists say, is for the first time there are experts who can demonstrate a link between blood groups and the chance to conceive. But he added there are other hormones that cause a reduction in reserves of the egg, which is also important to assess. So, for those who are blood group O can not be too worried by the results of this research.