Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 Odd workout tricks

I wanted to share a few new workout tricks that I've been using lately in today's quick tips.

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Now on to today's tips:

1. I just started recently playing around with a weighted vest for a couple things... for one, I've been using the weighted vest on some recent hikes (the vest adds approx 17-lbs to my weight), and this has made the hill climbing during hikes a good bit more challenging... I really like it!

I've also been using the weighted vest for pushups, and this makes doing plyo pushups (explosive pushups) quite a crazy upper body blaster!

It's also made jump lunges and jump squats a lot more challenging.

2. I've been noticing good results with this one... what I've been doing is mixing my weight training routines with bodyweight training a couple times per week, and have noticed better results of late by mixing these.

For example, I'll do full body heavy weight training routines 2 days per week (mon and thurs for example), and then I'll do bodyweight workouts on 2 other days per week (such as tues and friday for example).

As I mentioned about 4 weeks ago, I've been integrating the crazy unusual workouts as the majority of my new bodyweight exercises... like I mentioned before, these TacFit exercises are some of the most unique exercises I've seen in years!

I think that the mixing of bodyweight workouts and weight training workouts each week is giving my body a nice mix of intensity and variable resistance (as well as different levels of stress for the central nervous system), which helps to prevent overtraining in any one modality.

It's been fun!

3. And lastly for today, this article below shows just how much your mind is in control of your results... this study is shocking to most people, but is pretty amazing to see the power of the mind in relation to your exercise: