Monday, October 4, 2010

Male Multiple Orgasm

Male Multiple Orgasm-The Secret Revealed
What exactly is male multiple orgasm? Is it
anything like a regular orgasm or is it completely
different? Is it better than a regular orgasm? Is it a lot of
work? Is it different from female multiple orgasm? Can
any man have one? Questions, questions, questions. Your
head is probably spinning from all of the questions you
have at this very moment. And let us not forget the most
important one of all: How do you do it?

There are some men, particularly young men,
who are just plain lucky. These guys are naturals. Their
How to Make Love All Night
physiology is such that they don't lose their erections after
orgasm, or they regain their erections so quickly that
intercourse is barely interrupted. Men like this are "born"
multiorgasmic. Maybe there was a time in your life when
you were this lucky too. But chances are, those days are
gone. Well, the good news is that you don't have to be
lucky anymore to be multiorgasmic. There is another way
to acquire this ability, and it works regardless of your age,
your experience, or your God-given talents.
The secret to becoming multiorgasmic is actually
quite simple. The secret, for most men who have mastered
the ability, lies in learning to have a complete orgasm
without ejaculating. That's right, a full, powerful orgasmor
two, or three, or more-with no ejaculation. Without
ejaculation there is no refractory period-no down time.
That means there is no significant loss of erection, leaving
you free to continue having intercourse until you reach the
point where you are ready to have an orgasm with
simultaneous ejaculation.