Monday, October 5, 2009

Learning From the Face

When berjuman with people, we can learn the science of face, because each face yag impact different to us. There is a reassuring, there is a soothing, there is a menggeikan, there yag disturbing, and some are scary. Scary? Why? Is it because of his nose? of course not! Because the nose is tiny, but reassuring. Some Menghujam sharp eyes, but soothing. There was a black skin, but with authority.

If today we managed to find a reassuring face of a person, then find out why he could have a face like that. of course we will respect for him. What a genuine smile, radiant face that looked like anyone who looked at her happy. Conversely, what if we looked at the opposite face? The grim faces, the structure he snapped, his eyes were cruel, cynical smile, and his attitude was not friendly. This too we need to learn.

Take advantage of the face was reassuring and soothing part of our face, and throw away the face is not reassuring. There is nothing wrong if we evaluate ourselves in the mirror. Ask, look like what was there at this face.

For a face to a smile that already exists, then stay longer increasing the quality of the smile, so much more sincere. Because enyum not just lift the end of the lip, but the main thing is the desire of others happy. Prophet Muhammad gave great attention to every person she met that person feel satisfied. no wonder when I look and act turned out to be attributes of the glory that he demonstrated. It was a big influence on attitudes and feelings of people who talk to.

Kemuramdurjaan, inconvenience and anxiety that arise because we do not think people who have before us as the most important. Hence, we often see is only half an eye, speaking only half attention. For example, when there was someone who came over, we said the it while reading the newspaper. whereas, if we had not put someone else, then the flow of words, how to look, how to behave, it will not have the power to touch and emit a strong power.