Monday, October 5, 2009


Lately Indonesian man presented with a child plays on the political stage, especially during the election, pileg, also presidential election. They competed in the figure as a leader demonstrates a proper ideal and appropriate elected by the people. this stage the country's political drama.

Starting from imaging a leader close to the people, firmly in the act, and intelligent in thought and action. all ideal. all talking care of the people. really so? only God and him who knows.

However, if we look back, it just seems to be gambarang dreams to fruition the promise. The image of a prosperous country under the ideal leader as above only a delusion. In fact, in the negeriini many leaders do not have the ability to lead. How many officials in this country, but how many are failing.

At present, our beloved nation and is proud of the birth of hope many leaders who have the soul of leadership. A century ago we met in the rows of gold history of this country about the figure of a leader who has the leadership, there is Diponegoro, Cut Nyak Dien, etc..

Asa must be kept in wage, despite the fact helter skelter and ragged tatters is we face today. Become the foundation of economic destroyed by uncontrolled inflation, clean politics always dreamed of was gone by the soap opera "beef trade", and the law made the castle, crumbling because judges and prosecutors "trading services". Oh my country.

But once again hope to remain enforceable despite almost collapsing "smell" the earth. Later, with all confidence will be born and born leader who has the ability to lead in an enlightened morality frame by godlike values. This is the future that will be a successor generation.