Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rice, Salt & Jelantah (Used Cooking Oil)

That afternoon after prayers Dhuhr, Dendy was still bathed in sweat after attending a protest fuel price hike recently. In front of the statue of Governor Suryo which is the location of the action, Dendy sipped ice saridele he purchased.

After sipping cold drinks Dendy confusion to throw away the plastic wrapping of the remaining ice saridele it.
Because of confusion, then Dendy was eventually put in place just to sit around the fountain in the area. But suddenly, a shabby-looking young man, his body emaciated, near where the plastic is laid waste. He took the plastic waste is then drink the rest of Dendy. Once satisfied to drink it, then he immediately left the place.

Arriving at home, before the maghrib Dendy again reminded of the incident this afternoon. He's really disturbed by the incident. "How can that be there are still those who want to drink the rest of someone else?" he thought. He also again reminded of the events of his childhood. At that, one theme, saying that the food a day - morning is the rice, salt and cooking oil.

Dendy really do not understand. Why there are still many people who enjoy the things that have been considered waste or garbage. He's right - really embarrassed by the incident. What a person - the person is able to appreciate the blessings of his Lord, until they actually menyukuri all things considered as a remnant according to other people, even garbage. They have provided a very valuable lesson, because during the Dendy always thought that he was completely lack, but still just a waste of the blessings that Allah gave because he rarely appreciate the situation.