Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Women Vulnerable molester in Age of 30

Instinctively, women prefer a monogamous relationship. However, if you feel lost and an impasse in a relationship, it tends to womanhood easily tempted affair.

And, according to data on the sexual habits of women from 48 countries, wants a woman having an affair happened when they entered the age of 30. Why? According to dr. David Schmitt of Bradley University, Illinois, she was at the age of 30 is the last chance and they start to get a good man to meet material needs.

"At this age also coincides with when she feels sexual desire is at the top, but the biological clock begins to decline," said dr. Schmitt.

From the collection of data and research, dr. Schmitt found, unlike the women, the men also have "sociosexuality" or the time of sexual peak in the late 20's. Thus, vulnerable man having an affair in the late 20s. While women in the early 30s.

Dr. Schmitt told the New Scientist, women tend to be cheated in the first period of their fertility begins to decline.

This research was supported experience Kate Beckinsale, British actress who left her husband, Michael Sheen, due to having an affair when she was 30 years. In addition, Les Dennis Amanda Holden with Neil Morrissey divorced in December 2003 when Aged 32. This also happened because she was unfaithful to her husband.

From the results of this study, in urban areas with a low ratio of men to women, is a high chance for the increased occurrence of adultery and divorce. Anne Campbell, a psychologist at the University of Durham, said, "In these circumstances she can easily get a man's advances. What could eventually lead to infidelity."