Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My ButterFly

thee descend upon my heart
as time passes by
slowly thee took the essence of me

when will thee descend on me again
the flower of my heart longing for thee
to make it blossom once again

for thee i realize what my heart for
the longger you're descend in my flower
the bigger blossom of my flower will be

only for thee are my flower blossom for
for thee who always be my Butterfly....

Strange it is what happen with my heart
what i feel for you is not it should be
but i can not deny that what i feel is more
i miss you every day
i wanna be with you all day

it maybe only me who have this feeling
'cause i know that is my weekness
known you as my sister is my greatest gift
you who make me realize that my life is wrong
it is you who justify my life

if i can not love you
let me be the one who always care 'buot you
let me be the one who you share your story let me be the one who have 1% place in your heart
and let me be the one who make you my special sister

for the love that i never have.