Monday, January 18, 2010

Eat delicious = Not Healthy?

bellow the culinary myths

Maybe everyone thinks that a graduate majoring in food and nutrition, especially graduates of foreign universities, the automatic is a nutrition expert, entities, such as catwalk models and fanatical adherents, of course, life styles and eating healthy. Not to mention the questions about health, food, nutrition and diet that we have always received.

The fact is that most of them are the perpetrators of "crimes" the greatest culinary. An example is my own. Food science knowledge of my "limited" only in theory. In practice I rarely apply the pattern of life and a healthy diet, which many are listed in the German-language textbook in the college. Another example? Lecturer Human Nutrition and Dietetics us - Dear Frau Professor. Dr. Mary Hermann - is addicted to nicotine and kaffein largest I have ever met.

Also when we decided to raise the theme of good food = unhealthy it. Surely all been looking forward to a long description of diets, prohibitions and restrictions that must be done to a healthy life a thousand years. ONE BIG brothers!

One thing that has been inculcated in our students is a student foodscience: EVERYTHING BUT IS NOT ALLOWED OVERACTED. Meaning? We are allowed to consume whatever we like but do not go overboard and exceeded the allowed portion.

But seberapakah allowable portion of that? Is it true dangers of eating fast food, chocolate, coffee, offal, fats, alcohol, and abstinence-other culinary abstinence was not as high as during this digembor rant? How do I enjoy all the forbidden things that feel good without feeling fear received scolding from your doctor each time through the general annual checkup?

• Good news for coffee lovers, wine (wine) and chocolate.

When consumed in appropriate portions of it can enhance our immune system. Coffee and red wine (red wine) contain substances that antioksidant can also be found in broccoli or tomatoes. Thick chocolate (dark chocolate) with levels of at least 70% serotonin hormones that stimulate the brain and also antioksidant. Coffee consumption recommendation is one cup (approximately 250 ml), wine is a glass (approximately 150 ml) and chocolate is 10-50 grams per day.

• Fast food? Is just Beefburger Cheeseburger or will not increase our cholesterol levels.

Dangerous from Fast Food is a side dish that is usually included in the Package Save on outlets leading Fast Food. So just leave fries and drink orange juice or mineral water time to enjoy Fast Food beloved.

• Benefits of garlic are frequently we hear. Lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure. Therefore, whenever possible use of garlic in every dish we, especially the cooking with a well-known materials such as offal high berkolestrol or lamb. And baked it must be more delicious and of course also contain less fat.

• Another belief is mistaken consumption of sugar causes diabetes. We could consume sugar miles without ever contracting diabetes. Is to blame is not the sugar itself, but the calories from sugar and the fat accumulated so that the causes of obesity overweight alias. And this is what causes obesity metabolism disrupted the emergence origin type II diabetes. Actually, a better sweetener than sugar is honey. Didalama contained sugar honey will not be piled up as fat and good mumpunyai benefits for health.

• Many people prefer to drink low-fat milk because he drank milk make fat. Reality? 100 ml of pure cow's milk (pure milk) containing 80% water and only 3 grams of fat. It is only a tenth of the total recommended fat per day. In addition the content of Vitamin A and D in milk can not be absorbed by the body without the fat because the two vitamins are only soluble in fat consumption. Besides dairy products such as joghurt very helpful for our digestive processes.

• Soil water is blessed with a variety of high medicinal plants Khasiatnya. Traditional herbs shown to have good effects on health and risk-free. Condition: home made. For this topic will be discussed further in other articles.

• Keep The Balance. How? Easy. Proverbial we invited in a meal with a pile of dishes are delicious, high-calorie and berkolestrol. Period do we want to miss this session free meals? Loss dong. Just eat as much. Consequently we have to resist several days later to again enjoy a delicious meal. Not necessarily low fat, or just eat vegetables and raw fruit such as goats. But the balance can be achieved only by reducing the portion only. Or maybe fasting once a week? Could also be an alternative.

Actually not hard to still enjoy our favorite dishes. Eliminate feelings of guilt and fear. There are many other assumptions that need to be peeled truth. Life is too short to not enjoy. It is precisely these restrictions will only lead to bigger things that finally pushed us to taking in more.

Published - Judith