Friday, January 30, 2009

13 Women's nature

One of the central study in Europe has been the nature of the survey, about 20 women, the least preferred men. survey participants in 2000, followed by men of different age, level of insight and education.
Survie this reinforce that there are 13 nature or type of women that is not preferred men:

First, women who are masculine, "Mustarjalah". This type of female ranks first in many women that the most principled men love women, "who have strong character."

Second, women who can not hold her tongue, "Tsartsarah". because many women who do not speak and give people the opportunity to speak, his mind, generally more force and selfish.

Third, materealistis women, "Maaddiyah". type of woman who lives only orientation material and the material. all things considered, and the price of money. not like the addition of the material, even more wealthy from her husband.

Fourth, faineant women, "Muhmalah".

Fifth, stupid women, "Ghobiyyah". women who do not have opinions, and ideas have not only be passive.

Sixth, liar women, "Kadzibah." the type of women that can not be trusted, like a lie, does not actually said, including serious issues, major or trivial msalah and crumb.

Seventh, women who claim to all great, "Mutabahiyah". always thought his most clever, it was more intense than the others.

Eighth, women's self-styled champion. does not want to lose with her husband. always showed physical strength at any time.

Ninth, the envy of women with other women. type of woman who always annoy other women.

Tenth, cheap women, "Mubtadzilah." type of market women, providing a speak, her behavior, honor and virginity pawn in the middle of the community.

Eleventh, the women's taste, "Syadidah Hasasiyyah". many wept in the men beaten and affected since the beginning.

Twelfth, women jelouse excessive, "Ghayyur Gira Zaidah"

Thirteenth, women fanatis, "Mumillah". does not want to accept the changes, although the advice and input is correct and he need them.

Hopefully, this paper adds information and experience for the wife and fiancee. and of course useful for men.