Friday, December 12, 2008


Is the marriage based on a match?
If both like music, it means that there can be symptoms
imperishable .. If the same like the tail soup
bright future ... (That simple ?..... ...)

Unlike with a pair of sandals that have only aspect
left and right, is the union of two married men,
men and women.
From anatomy is not uniform, let alone affairs
heart and soul.

Match, interests and family background is not
guarantee everything will be smooth .. Then what? MARRIED
is the process maturity.
And the actors are required to enter a strong and
dare. Dare to face the problems that will occur and have
power to find the solution.

it sound so beautiful, but in reality?
Harusada 'Communication Two Directions',' Adakerelaan
hear the criticism, '' There is a sincere apology, '' There are
forget the errors honesty, and courage to
raised the opinion '.

Once again MARRIED is not the ceremony that full
of love rythem, not the style of wedding dress design
caribbeanmodels, amid a series of car invitation
snarl roads.

MARRIED is a brave decision to berth,
when thousands of gleaming yacht

MARRIED is the process of merging the two head
stone in a room where intimacy, kiss, and
embrace a prolonged period of interest only.

The problem is not married with children who, the
how much wealth, not a series of rose
hundreds in number, is not planning speaking month
Finally makes family each other on the shoulder, let alone drink craze
The same coffee ...

MARRIED is the process itself and
your partner.
Without identifying themselves, how can you
understand other people ... ? Without can consider themselves
themselves, how can you consider pairing
life ...??

MARRIED require very high level of courage,
tolerance profusely ocean, and life for most
'Accept' and 'forgive'.

* mistakes in chose our largest partner
it is more important with whom we
married people do not like that we will merried.
We see more people from the physical
is not a quality person *