Thursday, October 23, 2008

Xbox Wireless Headset ( Halo 3 )

Is a wireless headset designed for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. I can be used for in game voice chat, private chat, audio for voice chat and in game voice recognition. It can used simultaneously up to four wireless headset on a single Xbox 360. it uses the same 2.4GHz frequency as the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, so it will work within 30 feet of the console. The headset can be used with or without a controller. The headset also producesvarious beeps to signal different actions and give messages to the user.

In conjuction with the release of Halo 3, Microsoft released a Halo 3 themed Wireless Headset to complement the release of the much anticipated game. It features:

- Buttons or outer side of the headset to control volume, power and mute functions.

- Sync Button to connect to an Xbox 360 console when it pushed

- Port to connect to the AC or DC Adapter

- Volume level of headset is noticeably louder at its highest volume than the bundled

But there’s also some issues / problems that has been reported by users. One that reported is that it may not be able to be used with some controllers. Other have reported the headset losing its connection with the console during use.

Answering to the issues, some users have reported that switching to a newer controller may fix some issues. It has yet to be explicitly documented whether or not the wireless headset will work with wireless controllers manufactured during the early days of the Xbox 360 life cycle, or if it was even intended to do so.