Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ordinary Day

Today is just like the ordinary day, I got to work doing my job and exct...
but today I miss my Zhi so much, even if we at the same roof but we cannot be see together at same room couse it can evoke a big question among the chair women that can cause to be dismiss from our job.

but Im Happy today cause i can get the chance to see Zhi at her room, even if we just chat for a few minute but it feel so long...., it all because Im so damn misses her, i want to hold her, kiss her and give her all the love that i have. she told me 'bout her things with her husb she said it was ok although she feel a litle stiff after that way her husb treated her, I told her not to cry and must have cayo cause Im here.

I know how much she love me and how much I love her, but our love is so complicated because we both have already merried and have children too. I feel so sad for her I wish I can make her more happy and always smiling.

Zhi being with you is the most precious moment in my life
With you I can smile again
See your beautiful smile makes me want you more that now
I want to feel your kiss again Zhi
I want to taste your sweet lips, hold your body in our hugs
When I look through your eyes, I see how much you wanted me
I Love You Zhi and Im gonna say that words everyday