Monday, February 20, 2012

Kurt Cobain

Commemorating 45 Years of Birth Music fans in the world, especially grunge, certainly no one does not know Kurt Cobain, Nirvana frontman who was born on February 20, 1967. Sadly, Cobain's music career has to end simultaneously with the decision to end life on 5 April 1994. At a rising name, apparently a musician who is not yet ready for a big success. Cobain decided to end his life. The most influential musicians of his day was leaving his wife, Courtney Love, and a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. And on the occasion of the birth of Cobain remembered 45 years who fell on Monday (20/2) is, ® summarizes some interesting facts about the songwriter and guitarist of Nirvana is. Let's look together! A. Cobain already know the music from an early age. The first musical instrument he can get is a plastic drum set picture of Mickey Mouse. 2. After his parents divorce, Cobain went to live with her father in a trailer. In those years, he also received a prize of a mini bike, Yamaha Enduro 80. Every day to play bike around his residence, and to the attention of the people there. 3. Cobain never molested on a school friend of mental retardation. but he escaped the charges for lack of evidence. The woman can not show people (Cobain) who abuse through photographs in the yearbook because Cobain was not in the picture in the yearbook. 4. Cobain never wanted to mention his musical homage to grunge. He himself hates the term "grunge". He prefers to call his music as a stream of punk rock or alternative rock. 5. In 1982, Cobain made a movie called Bloody KURT commits suicide. which tells the darker side of Cobain from his parents' divorce. There is a scene where he cut his own wrist with a piece beverage cans. 6. Cobain claimed descent have the talent to commit suicide. One of his grandfather, Burle Cobain (Kurt's eldest brother of my grandfather, Leland Cobain) to end his life by firing the .38-caliber pistol in the stomach and head. 7. Based on the Kurt Cobain a discography book, HEAVIER THEN HEAVEN, Cobain's sister said that when Cobain was a kid, he never says it wants to join the 27 Club, the club of musicians who died at the age of 27 years. And he make it happen! 8. Before the suicide, Cobain wrote a letter to Boddah, imaginary friend from childhood, in a dark room. He then smoked Camel Light cigarettes, drank beer, Barq's, and inject black tar heroin types of Mexican-style into his body. 9. Kurt Cobain's shotgun used to kill himself-M11 is a Remington type commonly used hunter shooting ducks and birds. Shotgun will not make your body type game broke out. This also causes the head Cobain was not destroyed when the bullet penetrated his chin. 10. Spectacular! About seven thousand people gathered in the park Seattle Center to attend the funeral of Kurt Cobain on the 10th of April. With deep sorrow, they all accompanied the departure of a rock star who changed the world of music in the 90s. And the world lost a Cobain figure who was revered in that era. Too bad, he should end his life at the top of the world's success as a musician. Well, happy birthday, Cobain! Name and your work becomes a legend that will never be forgotten.